If you have pain in the ball of your foot or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma or metatarsalgia and have not been helped stop by the San Diego Running Institute and talk to one of our running specialists. Metatarsal pads are a common treatment option for metatarsalgia, but they must be applied correctly to be effective. Properly placed metatarsal pads are a fast and effective treatment for metatarsalgia, but they are sometimes not enough to fix this common running foot injury. Metatarsalgia is related to repetitive high-pressure loading under the metatarsal head (MH) that causes pain.

Thirteen patients (a total of 18 feet) with secondary metatarsalgia were included in this study.
This study provides a strategy for the further design and application of MPs for metatarsalgia treatment.
Often the problem is considered to be potential neuroma, fat pad atrophy, or a generalized diagnosis of metatarsalgia or metatarsal head overload. A metatarsalgia diagnosis can be frustrating, because you are usually already aware that you have foot pain!

He is a foot pain specialist and has helped hundreds of runners and non-runners with metatarsalgia and other foot pain conditions. This study aims to explore the correlations between subjective pain improvement and outcome rating, and the plantar pressure parameters in metatarsalgia patients treated using MPs.

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