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Meds for diabetic nerve pain in feet,throbbing pain in foot arch,getting rid of toe callus - Easy Way

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Diabetic nerve damage can be very dangerous if the numbness interferes with your ability to feel a sore or a cut on your foot. If you are concerned about diabetic nerve pain in your feet, call our offices for a consultation with one of our podiatrists.
Diabetic nerve pain, also referred to as diabetic neuropathy, occurs when nerves are damaged as a result of high blood sugar levels resulting from diabetes.

If you are experiencing numbness and tingling in your feet or diabetic foot pain, the doctors at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers can help prevent and treat diabetic neuropathy.
A new medication on the market called NeuRx-TF helps protect nerve cells and support nerve function with powerful antioxidants.
In addition, it is important to constantly check your feet for any sores or cuts so that they can be treated before the condition worsens.

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