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With winter nearly over it's time to start preparing your feet for those gorgeous summer sandals. Here are a few products to help you get rid of hard, unsightly skin and leave your feet exfoliated, moisturised and softened. Having your feet tucked into boots all winter, it's about time you get your toes up to scratch. This is great for leaving feet soft and smooth but incorporating massage for your feet can actually help to improve circulation, which can reduce the risk of varicose veins.
The lotion contains peppermint and spearmint essential oils to stimulate circulation and cool the feet; relieving aches and pains.

It is made from fresh organic potatoes, fresh organic papaya and kaolin for drawing and dissolving dirt and to really deep cleanse. All you need to do is shake this on your feet and in your shoes before you head out to keep your feet smelling pretty.
Fragranced with uplifting and refreshing lemon and lime, this scrub is great after a long day where all you want to do is put your feet up and relax.
Not only do they help you get your toes twinkling but Lush use fresh vegetarian ingredients (with no preservatives) and they don't test on animals. To use, slather on dry, hard skin on the feet, put socks on and leave overnight and behold - feet will be softened in the morning!

To use apply generously to clean feet, wrap each foot in a plastic bag and leave for 5-10 mins.

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