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Figure 1  The plantar fascia shows bruising directly along the arch of the foot.  There is extreme point tenderness to this region.
Pain was palpable along the entire course of the plantar fascia and more pronounced along the central arch. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged heel pain, magnetic resonance imaging, plantar fascial rupture, plantar fasciitis.
I have had planterfacia pain for over a year had been seeing a podiatrist that recomended custom inserts that i purchased that gave some relief for a few weeks a couple different anti inflamitorys with no help. What is weird is that I have no pain when my foot is deeply messaged or evaluated by my PT, it even feels good. After the exam he said it’s probably a ruptured plantar fascia in the bottom of my left foot, and we scheduled an MRI. I don’t want any shots in my foot, I have heard horror stories about the pain of them, and have heard no good stories about them doing anyone any good.
I jumped on a spade with all my weight on the plantar fascia(as Ive now found out) For 4days I had a crampy burny pain in the arch of my foot.On the 5th day I climbed 30 odd stairs and then my ankle, achilles tendon and whole foot hurt like a very very bad sprain. I have had steroid injections in both feet (horrendous) and although they did give relief, it was not for long, the pain was back within 2 days.
Last December I got up one morning and felt a slight pop in my right foot when I took my first few steps. I think it would be wise to seek the help of a certified trainer in conjunction with the help of a foot & ankle specialist. There’s still some swelling but the bruising is now gone and for the most part the pain is gone. I live in the northern Rockies, USA and in November 1010 I slipped on some ice snowshoeing and really hurt my foot.

These include rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome, gout, Behcet’s Syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus.3 In general, the etiology of arch and heel pain can be mulifactorial in nature. The pain of an acute rupture is located more distal to the insertion of the plantar fascia and bruising is commonly seen along the middle of the arch. In earlier studies and before MR imaging techniques, patients with rupture were often treated conservatively using crutches, ice packs, anti-inflammatory agents and foot straps.
I work on appliances and stand almost ten hours a day after a really busy day that had me gimping from the pain when i got out of bed the next morning i felt a series of snaps on my first step followed by the bad pain.
I was a boot for over 2 months and gradually weaned out of it but to this day I still have pain.
I was walking on Saturday(just across the room), and felt a pop in my left foot and instant pain and I could not walk on it. He stated that he had been having arch and heel pain of the right foot over the past month.
I went to a different doctor that says it ruptured the tendon.I am upset with the first doctor that he didnt tell me that i needed to be careful i just assumed that if i could deal with the pain that that would be the only problem now i am told to stay off my foot with an air cast for 4-6 weeks this is going to cost me all my vacation time and i will have more doctor bills that i will struggle to pay. I have had foot pain for years and done stretching and have seen my chiropractor regularly. For pharmacological management, counter pain killers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are prescribed to control moderate to extreme cases of swelling and inflammation. Most often, clinical evaluation, activity of the patient and onset of pain will help the practitioner determine the extent of injury and determine fascial strain or fasciitis from actual tear or rupture of the plantar fascia. Moreover it can affect any other part of the body like heel, ankle, wrist, elbow, knee, instep (arch of foot) finger. He states that while ‘sprinting’ to a base, he felt a ‘pop’ in his arch followed by acute pain and swelling.

3 weeks after starting I accidentally kicked a heavy iron object with my right foot, I was barefoot. I have just realised that I cannot lift my foot up and have a hot burning sensation just in front of my heel bone. I tried to walk on the foot and by the end of the night I was in tears and had to take pain pills. Clinical evaluation of the foot reveals an extremely tender plantar fascia with localized bruising or ecchymosis (Fig.1).
As I cruised up the sidewalk using crutches and weight bearing on left foot I experienced and heard a huge snap and extreme pain in left foot. My first fellow was a sports therapist and the second was a chiropractor, the second set was so painful and had negative implications so I would say find out who is doing this and talk to others who have been treated by that person..
Went back to see the podiatrist and got another cortisone shot in my right foot and was directed back to work, I could barely walk. Got a new podiatrist who said I ruptured the Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot (over a year ago) and have severe Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot due to over compensation.
You would think the injury to my right foot could have been prevented if they would have treated my left foot the appropriate way back in 2009.

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