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A team of physios researching the effects of rocker shoes on low back pain have found that they are generally no better than wearing normal trainers, and in some cases are worse than wearing flat sports shoes. Dr MacRae’s research team found that patients with low back pain experienced no difference in pain levels after a year of wearing either Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) rocker shoes, or normal, good quality, running shoes. Patients with back pain that was aggravated by walking or standing reported lower disability levels, after a year, if they had been wearing normal trainers as part of the study in comparison to those who had worn rocker shoes.
The researchers used the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire and pain assessments in the study. In many cases, a sciatic nerve flare-up is the culprit for causing sudden sharp lower back pain during running. Past studies reported that lower back pain in runners was related to a guarded gait running style meaning that upper body rotation was very restricted during running [1]. Standard recommendations on biomechanics for joggers suggests limiting torso and shoulder rotation (for whatever reason). Most Ethiopian runners ran barefoot, developed a forefoot strike and a much fluid gait as compared with habitually shod runners. Ethiopian runners have a subtle rotation in the torso and shoulders compared to many non-African elite runners.
There is a good chance that increased torso and shoulder rotation serves as a shield-effect to depress shock when running barefoot.
If you suffer low back pain when barefoot running, you are probably restraining the range of motion of the upper body. Upper body rotation should be subtle, just enough to give you that added flow, like Dibaba or Bekele. If you and I are like most industrialized human beings, we put our feet into these funky contraptions called shoes on a daily basis. There are many practical and necessary uses for shoes such as firefighting, construction work, and everyday practical protection from our environment. Wearing shoes also prevents the foot from doing something else it is designed to do naturally: move with the body. If you have low back pain, chances are you have tried everything modern medicine has to offer.
Loopia SuperSupport, databaser, daglig backup, webbmail och allt annat du behover for en framgangsrik internetnarvaro. Half were given MBT rocker shoes, half were given flat shoes, and all were asked to wear the shoes for two hours every day, including during an initial four-week exercise plan.

They asked the patients to report their disability and pain levels at six weeks, six months and one year.
However, another factor that may cause sudden sharp lower back pain during running is restricted torso rotation.
Researchers also found that a guarded gait during running resulted in rigid body motions and decreased range of motion —mechanical properties that may amplify impact on the back at touchdown. He restricts both shoulder and torso rotation during running, and he has struggled with injury. If you obseve the running styles of Tirunesh Dibaba, Haile Gebrselassie and other elite Ethiopian distance runners, you will notice they have greater torso and shoulder rotation when they run, which highlights the fact that incidences of low back pain is uncommon in these runners. In many Ethiopian distance runners, the shoulders and torso rotate as one entity, allowing for greater gait coordination. Don't forget to check out the Run Forefoot Facebook Page, it's a terrific place to ask questions about forefoot running, barefoot running and injury. I don’t know how or why I have this, besides genetics, but the MRI sure shows a few lumbar discs without spinal fluid.
This has involved learning how to jump and land properly, how to execute movements in a way that protects my spine, and how to do a core routine that does not continue to cause pain in my lower back. She had used it before and had not quite decided if it was going to be her thing while running. Low back pain status affects pelvic-trunk coordination and variability during walking and running. It was not a difficult hike physically and fairly short in length but the river and cavern that the river ran through it were spectacular. Many people would argue that shoes were created to do this job and that the new advancements in technology allow them to perform at an even higher degree than in the past. Today, shoes are brightly colored fashion statements, and ‘functional’ in all walks of life.
While wearing a shoe however, the foot is restrained to at least partially obey what the shoe is doing instead of the body. Like most individuals who have participated in regular exercise during the past three decades, I have been taught that to strengthen my abs I need to do crunches, side crunches, twisting movements, back extension, etc. Now all of these exercises and many others can be improved upon and intensified to fit the desired goal, but the aforementioned movements are like bread and butter; staple movements that improve back health within any exercise program. When you burn more calories you decrease the chance you will gain weight which is another stressor of the lower back.

While shoes were once made by the local cobbler, today large corporations produce the majority of the world’s shoes, and the world wide footwear market is forecasted to hit $195 Billion in 2015. If a shoe gets stuck or is somehow sticking to the ground and the body is forced to go in another direction, something has to give; usually the ligaments in your foot, also known as an ankle sprain. In short, it means too much high impact movement causes radiating nerve pain that locks up my hips. Yet in the first session with the physical therapist I was shown that all my previous ideas were wrong, or at least misguided. If you want to live a life as healthy and pain-free as possible, you not only have to exercise but you need to take care of your body by being aware of what and how much you are eating. However, I also stated that I do not use it all the time while exercising, nor do I think other people should. This is why I launched Run Forefoot, to advocate the health & performance benefits of forefoot running and to raise awareness on the dangers of heel striking, because the world needs to know. Because shoes take away most of the normal sensory input our brain would receive, the muscles that would be utilized more by barefoot activity atrophy from disuse. For someone who stands all day, they might not have foot pain by the time their work is done. It also means that if I don’t keep my core really strong, my back will hurt regardless of the exercises I choose. On a more serious note, it is truly mind blowing how many different varieties of shoes there are. Even to this day with the substantial core strength I have accumulated, if I do a round of abs that includes crunches, bicycles, side crunches, lever crunches, etc., my back will actually tighten up like it does when I include too much impact into an exercise routine. We now have gel shock absorbers in the heel, multi-directional support, light weight material to create a weightless or barefoot feel, odor resistant material and much more! Even shoes that mimic barefeet like Vibram Fivefingers or other minimalist type shoes cannot completely replace the authenticity of the natural foot on ground contact.
If I were to ask a random group of individuals to do a round of burpees, backs would be sagging, heels would be off the ground and knees would be jarred.

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