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Podiatrists are professionally trained to treat many conditions relating to foot and ankle pain. Pain caused by flat feet or high arches can often be relieved by the use of orthotic devices.. During a ten-step low back screening evaluation, therapists typically check anatomic landmarks such as anterior superior iliac spine, crest height, leg length, etc. Moving on to the right foot you palpate a high rigid arch that feels stuck in a supinated position. Since left-legged foot pronation internally rotates the thigh and a supinated right foot externally rotates the thigh, left untreated, the person would be forced to walk sideways with each step (Fig.
When the pronated left foot internally rotates the left lower extremity, the femoral neck also internally rotates which pushes the femoral head posteriorly against the back of the acetabulum (Fig 4). A prerequisite for all pain management and structural integration therapists requires a basic understanding of the relationship of iliosacral unleveling and foot posture. Common pelvic obliquity strain patterns must be understood and corrected before proceeding to more complex sacroiliac and lumbar spine problems although low back and SI joint dysfunction triggered by a traumatic incidence can also influence pelvic rotation and foot posture.

Even flat feet that don’t hurt can be the cause of future problems, such as bunions, hammertoes, heel and arch pain, pain and fatigue in your feet and legs, and even pain in your lower back. In foot supination, the STJ is usually fixated in a varus position accompanied by a collapsed cuboid. This happens as the high femoral head “drives” the anterior portion of the pelvis upward and backward which rotates the pelvis to that side causing the pelvis to drop down on the low femoral head side. For example, we often see clients with bilateral foot pronation (pes planus) which results in increased lumbar lordosis, lumbosacral angle and jamming of the L4-5 and L5-S1 facets.
From a functional standpoint, there is strong evidence of an associated increase in the incidence of low back pain and hip joint osteoarthritis when foot posture and femoral rotational patterns are not corrected in a timely manner. Excessively high arches can also cause problems, including achy feet, heel and arch pain, and calluses due to poor-fitting shoes. Structurally-oriented therapists are aware of the importance proper iliosacral alignment plays in avoiding compensatory low back and SI joint strain.
This combination of foot pronation and supination not only affects leg length, but begins an ascending syndrome pattern that travels up the kinetic chain distorting knee, hip, pelvic and low back structures (Fig.

Conversely, right foot supination externally (right) rotates the femoral neck causing the head to push against the anterior part of the acetabulum.
Simply correcting pelvic alignment is doomed to failure and will not permanently relieve the compensatory back strain if the torsioned pelvis has roots in foot dysfunction.
If the assessment reveals the navicular and cuneiforms have no spring and the foot appears to be flat, the arch is pronated.
Pronation and supination not only torsion the pelvic bowl, but can create a painful lumbar rotoscoliosis with compensations traveling through the thoracic and cervical spine (Fig. All agree that the architecture of the feet play a major role in pelvic positioning but other than lengthening or shortening of a limb, many in the manual therapy community are unclear about the link between foot posture and back pain.
Recall that the most common asymmetry found in the lower extremity is foot pronation which typically results from a valgus subtalar joint (STJ) accompanied by a dropped navicular bone(Fig.

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