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Losing toenails is something I have dealt with since starting my first season of high school cross country way back in 1989. Two days after Desert Solstice my halluces were throbbing, red masses of pain.All photos courtesy of the author. Four days post-race, the skin broke beneath the base of the nail, creating an oozing (and still painful) mess. So this year for Christmas, I decided to give myself the gift that every girl really wants: permanent toenail removal!
Since I was only interested in permanent toenail removal and not permanent sterilization, I made my appointment with a local podiatrist specializing in foot and ankle surgery, Dr.
Much of the trauma from this procedure comes from removing the toenails and exposing all that raw tissue, rather than from the actual ablation itself. The nerve block was pretty painful with lightning flashes of pain shooting from the base of my toe to the tip, but the meds quickly took over and each toe was completely numb in less than a minute. While this may seem like a drastic move, this is actually a fairly common procedure for podiatrists as it is often done for patients with chronic ingrown toenails or to eradicate fungal infections that don’t respond to medication.
Three weeks after the procedure, my nail beds have a thick, keratin layer, kind of like a callous, but no toenail.
I had my left foot toe nail removed due to losing it during a 100 miler and when toenail tried to grow back in grew inward and it seemed like an uphill battle to correct it.

I still have parts of my big toenails, but when I was 15, I suffered ingrown toenails on both feet, which got pretty badly infected too. Never had the issue since (obviously) and I'm lucky enough to not suffer black toenails (yet). Anyway, pretty tough to tear them off like that with the infection flared up, Pam… Good decision too, infected toes is horribly painful. The genius in going in right after an event was that my toenails were already removed and I could skip this step.
I agree, any and every advice about socks and shoes when it comes to toenail beds is useless.
Protect a bruised or black toe nail (runners toe), or a toe that has recently lost a toenail.
This initially was sweet relief, but about 30 minutes later the raw nerves were burning in response to their new exposure to the cruel world.
The doctor told me he had never done this procedure where he didn’t need to remove the toenail first.
No more toenail problems, and you can even run on them the next day (it bleeds a bit and is somewhat painful, but your toes soon go dumb). The real cause of my agony was my big toes, or more specifically, the big toenails, which had developed huge, subungual blisters that throbbed and pulsed with pain.

But when I had the chance to chat with him, I didn’t ask about any of these wild adventures, just his experience with toenail removal. I've lost my big toenails a couple times since, and I kind of wish I had just done it.
Marshall tells a funny story of deciding to ablate all his toenails because his family doctor gave him a special pricing deal to have the procedure done at the same time as a vasectomy!
Otherwise, I am looking forward to racing in the future without having to worry about post-race toenail pain! There was mild to moderate pain that seemed to dull as I kept running and nothing bad enough to affect my gait. I think not having my toenails removed as part of the procedure gave me the benefit of a speedy recovery. The ability to run in those 10 days is mostly dependent on your pain tolerance as I was not given any special restrictions from the doctor to avoid running or being on my feet.

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