You may begin to notice a dull, consistent pain in your leg, and the inability to keep your foot warm. Other illnesses such as Lupus, Lyme Disease, or bacterial infections can also be the source of pain.
SRC Laser Therapy may also be effective with joint pain, another significant cause of leg pain. Leg pain is caused by a number of conditions including sciatica that can cause shooting leg pains, and weak, painful knees.

Many leg pain conditions caused by artery and vein issues such as blockage, circulation and inflammation. So, due to these circulatory problems, your blood might pool in the lower parts of your body, causing what is called peripheral vascular disease.If you have diabetes, another big concern is arteriosclerosis. Even though it sounds simple, diagnosing the cause of leg pain can be difficult, because there are so many things that may cause it. Severe varicose deformaties should be handled by a vein specialist, but pain can be mitigated through treatment with a class IV laser.

You may experience imbalance, and swelling of the joints, or arthritic stiffness, or shooting pains from sciatic involvement causing difficulty in sitting or walking. Thus, there is a reduced healthy oxygen-rich blood flow to muscles in your legs.In this case, you may feel claudication.

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