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The most common causes of pain at the front of the ankle are due to inversion ankle sprains.
Other injuries can involve kicking the ground instead of the ball during a football game, slipping on uneven or unsteady surfaces, or direct external trauma like dropping something on the area, being kicked or in a motor vehicle accident.
Many of the mechanisms of injury that cause anterior ankle pain begin either on the outside or the inside of the ankle joint. This pain is most commonly Achilles tendinitis, however there are specific joint injuries that can occur within the ankle as well. The foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and numerous tendons.
Five metatarsal bones spread from the back of the foot toward front and make up the structure for the ball of the foot. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is the name given to occlusive dissease that occurs in the peripheral or outer arteries of the body, such as the legs.

One of the first symptoms of peripheral arterial disease that you may experience is an ache or cramp in your leg muscles when you’re walking. In some people, the disease progresses and the amount of blood able to go down the leg is not enough to supply the nutrients and oxygen to their feet. Duplex Ultrasound: Duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive investigation that uses a probe and jelly on the skin to look inside your leg and gives a picture of the anatomy of your arteries.
Most people describe ankle pain being focused either behind, in front or to either side of the ankle, where the lower leg meets the foot. Inversion ankle sprains are when the foot rolls inwardly with the sole facing towards the other foot due to over balancing of a persons weight to the outside of the leg. Achilles tendinitis presents as a focal pain within the tendon itself and is often accompanied by a swelling of the tendon.
In cases like this, the individual will get pain in their feet even when they’re not moving. If you have atherosclerosis of your leg artieries, there’s likely to be a lower blood pressure in your feet.

Once the dye is in your legs, x-rays are taken to give a picture of your legs showing where all the arteries are.
This provides a new path for the blood to travel to and improves the blood supply to the leg and foot. If you have atherosclerosis of your leg arteries, there is likely to be a lower blood pressure in your feet after the exercise.
There are also many other reasons that require diagnosis by a podiatrist or other foot & ankle specialist your podiatrist may refer you to.

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