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Bones, ligaments and tendons that collectively form the ankle joint may be responsible for the pain occurring in the joint.
The pain at the ankle joint may imply nerve compression as happens in Tarsal tunnel syndrome. The so-called Tarsal tunnel is a space or tunnel formed by a fibrous band that supports the nervovasculature of the foot as they cross the area at ankle joint; a nerve compression occurring at the site where nerve passes through the tarsal tunnel, resulting in pain, is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome.
A doctor should immediately be reached if joint pain is extreme and affects any movements or if there are any visible changes at the joint. Some of the common symptoms of lumbar degenerative disc disease include foot pain, leg pain and low back pain.

A disc herniation puts pressure on the spinal discs, which leads to leg pain and foot pain. Since this delicate joint performs a duty of transmitting weight of the body to the ground, excessive weight may put extra pressure and therefore cause pain.
Also, wearing comfortable footwear, avoiding high-heeled shoes and excessive stretching or twisting while exercising along with losing some weight may help. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon called Achilles tendinitis; or the Achilles tendon rupture may be responsible for ankle pain. To treat severe pain or disability, a microdiscectomy surgery is done in which a portion of the affected disc is removed to relieve nerve pressure.

Other causes of foot pain include Achilles tendinitis, bone spurs, corns and calluses, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.
The most important factors to an accurate diagnosis are sensation, frequency, body position when pain occurs and path of the pain.

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