Intake of certain medications like antidepressants, blood pressure control medications, hormones, and steroids. If you feel short of breath along with ankle swelling or experience chest pain that feels like tightness or pressure sensation, it is important to seek emergent medical care. In case you suffer from heart disease or kidney disorder or if the swelling gets worse, it might indicate a serious underlying condition.

These mainly include sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, spinach, almond oil, and wheat germs. If you ankle is red, warm, and swollen along with radiation of pain towards leg, it can be a worrisome indication as well. Treatment Foot, cure, Description of disease Foot, Foot, home remedies for ankle swelling, leg, treatment on October 24, 2012 by admin.

The array of diagnostic tests to find out the underlying cause may include CBC, blood chemistry, chest or extremities x-ray, ECG, and urinalysis.

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