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I’m going to show you how easy it is to replace the insoles in your TOMS (or pretty much any pair of shoes for that matter) in six easy steps. And that is how you easily replace your tired, worn out, and stinky insoles for a new pair.
Bring your odor eater insoles with you to try on your cheapies, I have had to do this for years since I’m the one in my family with nasty feet! Silly me because here I thought it was pretty much a mindless task to replace a pair of insoles.

We just han new carpeting installed in our home and I cut a pair of insoles from the leftover carpet padding and so far they supporting my feet comfortably.
My insoles always came right out even brand new, so when I wash the tom’s I take them out and put them in a big baggie with a little baking soda while the shoes are washing and drying! I was about to buy a new pair of Tom’s because the insoles were so worn out that they were causing blisters.
My horrible husband (not really) has baby soft , never bad-smelling feet- even when wearing sandals!

Gee can you tell us how to replace insoles on a pair of Chucks because apparently there MUST be a different methods per different shoes.

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