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In the early or mild stages of TP tendon dysfunction, simple painkillers, orthotics, and physiotherapy are used. In most cases the tendon itself is repaired and needs to be strengthened by using another tendon, flexor digitorum longus (FDL). Specific risks include tendon re-rupture or progressive arthritis requiring further surgery, nerve damage resulting in numbness of the foot, wound or bone healing issues, and failure to relieve pain.

Pain may develop on the outside of the ankle and if the deformity continues to worsen over time the joints in the hind foot become affected and can become arthritic.
These joints (subtalar, talo-navicular, and calcaneo-cuboid) are fused using bone graft taken from either the heel or the hip bone.
Before trying any new treatment or products to help manage your pain you should always consult your GP or a qualified medical practitioner.

After 3 months (once swelling has settled), new insoles are required to assist in supporting the arch.

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