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Ipr hard corn remover,dr. scholls foot care products in india,pedi-gel ball of foot pads - Step 2

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IPR Hard Corn Remover is a unique way to get rid of the hard skin, corns or calluses that cause pain.
IPR Hard Corn Remover uses no blade, hence it doesn't give any pain but gently removes the skin. A Closer Look: IPR Hard Corn Remover is made with silica and is rough on corns and hard skin but at the same time is easy and gentle for you.

The hardened dead skin can be removed quickly with this pad on rubbing and doesn't need any harsh chemicals or painful razors. In simply seconds, this unique silica pad, along with fluid soap and water, carefully but effectively rubs the painful surface of hard corns away like an eraser.
With IPR 3, you obtain instant relief with No aches, No Dangerous Blades and No Harsh chemical compounds.

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