Leather insole with a latex non slip underlay.Made with high quality leather which is both comfortable and durable. Slimflex Standard Insoles come with a hard wearing top cover that ensures durability and longevity of use.These insoles are ideal for trialing different types of posting to determine the most effective method of treatment.

The Slimflex Standard Insoles can be used in conjunction with Podotech wedges and components, allowing you to find the exact support that you need.The Slimflex RangeSlimflex Insoles orthoses range from simple, cost-effective flat bed insoles to economical pre-fabricated orthoses that offer the closest alternative to custom-made devices. Wedges and posting components compliment the range, offering endless opportunities for customisation.Slimflex Standard Insoles SizingSlimflex Standard Insoles are available in all UK shoe sizes from UK size 3 to UK size 15.

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