2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all contracts between the Company and the Customer except contracts for the supply of goods pursuant to the terms of a lease whereby such goods are to remain the Company's property or on loan or under a hire purchase agreement.
2.2 These conditions shall override any other terms or conditions contained in or referred to in any order form or any other documents or correspondence of the Customer. 3.2 Prices are quoted including carriage for the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland where minimum order quantities apply.
3.4 The Company shall be entitled to invoice the Customer for the price of the goods upon the despatch of the goods or, where the goods are to be collected from the Company by the Customer, upon the Company notifying the Customer that the goods are ready for collection. 3.5 In the event of any increase in the cost to the Company of raw materials, other goods, labour or overheads or any increase in taxes or duties or any variation in exchange rates, or as a result of any other factor beyond the control of the Company, or any change in delivery dates or quantities of the goods requested by the Customer, or any delay caused by any instructions of the Customer or failure of the Customer to give the Company adequate information or instructions, the Company may increase the price payable by the Customer for the goods. 4.1 In these conditions "INCOTERMS" shall mean the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms of the International Chamber of Commerce as in force at the date when the Contract is made and any date when the Contract is made and any term or expression which is defined in or given a particular meaning by the provisions of INCOTERMS shall have the same meaning in these conditions. 4.2 Where goods are supplied for export from mainland United Kingdom or otherwise for shipment to a country other than mainland United Kingdom the provisions of this Clause 4 shall apply notwithstanding any other provision of these conditions and subject to any special terms agreed in writing by the Company and the Customer. 4.3 Goods supplied for export from mainland United Kingdom or otherwise for shipment to a country other than mainland United Kingdom shall be sold for delivery in accordance with terms specified by the heading in INCOTERMS nominated by the Company.
5.1 All descriptions and illustrations whether made orally or in writing or otherwise communicated to the Customer are intended merely to present a general idea of the goods described therein and nothing contained in any of them shall form any part of the contract or have any legal effect.
6.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company delivery shall be deemed to take place when the Company notifies the Customer that the goods are ready for delivery and makes them available to the Customer or any agent of the Customer or any carrier (who shall be the agent of the Customer whoever pays his charges) at the premises of the Company or other delivery point agreed by the Company. 9.1 If the Customer shall make default in the performance of any contract with the Company or commit any breach of his obligations to the Company under any contract, or if the Customer shall become insolvent or commit any act of bankruptcy or if (the Customer being a Company) a Petition or Resolution for winding up the Customer shall be presented or passed or if a Receiver or Provisional Liquidator of the Customer shall be appointed the Company shall be entitled to suspend further deliveries to the Customer under the or any other contract and to determine any contract then subsisting between the Company and the Customer for the sale of goods without prejudice to any right of the Company to recovery of any sums owing to the Company by the Customer or to damages for breach of contract or otherwise.

10.1 If any goods to be supplied by the Company are to be in accordance with specifications or patterns to be supplied by the Customer the Customer must supply the same in reasonable time to permit the Company to complete all deliveries by the estimated date for delivery (if any). 12.1 The Company shall remain the sole owner of the goods and reserves the right to dispose of them until such time as the Company has received payment in full for all the goods together with payment in full for any other goods the subject of any contract between the Company and the Customer where such payment is then due.
12.2 Until such time as the property in the goods passes to the Customer, the Customer shall be the bailee of the goods for the Company and shall keep them on its premises separately from its own goods or those of any other person and properly stored, protected and insured and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as the goods of the Company. 12.3 The Customer shall not apply to the court for the appointment of an Administrator without giving 14 days prior notice to the Company. 12.4 On the sale to a sub-purchaser of any of the goods the proceeds shall be held in trust for the Company, shall not be mingled with other monies and shall not be paid into any overdrawn bank account but shall be paid into an interest bearing fiduciary account for the Company with the Customer's bankers who shall be advised that the Customer holds the entire proceeds of such sale as trustee for the Company. 12.5 The Company shall be entitled to maintain an action for the price of any goods notwithstanding that title in them has not passed to the Customer.
13.4 If any term or provision of these conditions shall be held to be illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any enactment or rule of law, such term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of these conditions but the validity and enforceability of these conditions shall not be affected. 13.5 The headings in these conditions are for reference purposes only and shall not affect the construction of these conditions.
When a sample of the goods has been exhibited to and inspected by the Customer it is hereby agreed that such sample was so exhibited and inspected solely to enable the Customer to judge for himself the quality of the bulk. The Company shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings or for any special, indirect or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever, howsoever arising.
In addition, if it is made a condition of any settlement made by the Company or of a judgement awarded against the Customer, pursuant to Clause 11.1 above, the Customer shall return to the Company or destroy, as the case may be, all infringing goods still under its control subject to a refund by the Company of any payment already made by the Customer for such goods (less a reasonable allowance for depreciation of the goods by reason of their use (if any) by the Customer prior to their return or destruction as aforesaid).

If the price for the goods has not been paid by the due date, then the Company may bring an action against the Customer for the price even though the property in the goods has not passed to the Customer. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your item please return in the original packaging, undamaged and unused with all tags attached within 14 days.
For goods sold on ex-works terms for payment for delivery the Company shall be at liberty to arrange transport at the customers expense to deliver the goods to the customers premises. The Customer shall not be entitled to make any deduction from or withhold payment of the invoice price for any reason at all, save where and to the extent that the Company has given written notice setting out terms under which a discount may be offered for early payment and has offered such discount to the Customer and the Customer has accepted such terms and such offer. Any advice or recommendation given by the Company its servants or agents to the Customer its servants or agents as to the storage application or use of goods which is not confirmed in writing by the Company is followed or acted upon entirely at the Customer's own risk and accordingly the Company shall not be liable for any such advice or recommendation which is not so confirmed. In particular, the Company grants no warranties regarding the fitness for purpose, performance, use or quality of the goods and gives no warranty that the goods will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. The Company shall be entitled at any time and without notice for the purposes of examination or recovery of its goods to enter any premises where they are kept or where they are reasonably thought to be kept and shall be entitled without charge to inspect the applicable insurance policy and premium receipt which shall be produced by the Customer on demand. If a receiver is appointed to the Customer and if at that time the Customer shall not have received the proceeds of sale the Customer or receiver as agent for the Customer shall assign in writing to the Company within seven days all rights against the person or persons to whom the goods have been sold. For the purpose of this sub-clause the Company contracts on its own behalf and on behalf of and as trustees for its servants.

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