High arch insoles with firm arch support and cupped heel are specifically designed to correct misalignment of the foot and provide a firm support to high arched feet and reduce arch pain and the risk of injury.
Everyone’s feet are different, but unless your shoes are personalized to fit your foot perfectly, you are forced to purchase standard sizes that may not be the best option for your feet. Assess the problems you are having with your shoes to determine the type of insole to look for. High arch insoles also prevent the foot from in-rolling, or over-pronating, which is a major cause of long term damage to the feet.
When buying insoles, it is important to consider the type of shoe and the type of activity you will be doing in that footwear.

Some insoles are designed to make your shoes feel softer, while others are made to be firm and provide arch support. High arch insoles are suitable for running shoes, traditional walking boots, golf, combat and safety boots.
The correct insoles can lead to better arch support, improve alignment and reduce stress in the legs, feet, hips and back.
If you would rather have a professional pick out an insole, find a store that offers insole measurements or custom-fit insoles for a detailed analysis of what insole type will work best for you. If you find that you need more support, try a different type or style of insoles until you discover the best fit.

Insoles should typically last the life of two pairs of shoes, so replace after this time has passed to ensure maximum protection.

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