I don't have any foot problems, but the insoles in my Sacony running shoes, hiking boots, and snow boots all needed to be replaced.
Metatarsal pain and very high arches is why I took a chance on these insoles, and they are awesome! High arch insoles with firm arch support and cupped heel are specifically designed to correct misalignment of the foot and provide a firm support to high arched feet and reduce arch pain and the risk of injury.
Providing the cushioning needed for those with high arches, Sof Sole's Arch Performance insoles also handle moisture and odor. They seem like they will work very well, I just wish they were perforated for more breathability. There is also a lot of cushion for joint comfort, and the gel cushion is particularly effective.

High arch insoles also prevent the foot from in-rolling, or over-pronating, which is a major cause of long term damage to the feet. As a cardiac and recovery room nurse, I wear nothing but rigid Dansko clogs at the hospital -- nothing else has prevented arch pain for me when I'm on my feet for up to 14 hours per shift. Before purchasing and using them, my arches would ache and hurt so bad especially when I was on my feet for a long period. High arch insoles are suitable for running shoes, traditional walking boots, golf, combat and safety boots. If those work for you and prevent plantar fasciitis, then you would probably love these insoles as well. I have extremely high arches and desperately needed some king of arch support and these are fantastic.

Over-pronation is usually associated with higher arches that roll over due to insufficient support structures within the foot, giving the appearance of being low arches.
I highly recommend the Sof Sole insoles for anyone who suffers with high, aching arches as they do a great job in supporting. These insoles are especially good for athletic shoes, but I wear them in my winter boots as well.
A lot of times I have to add a metatarsal pad with insoles because that arch support is often missing (like with Spenco) but these have been good so far.

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