High arch insoles with firm arch support and cupped heel are specifically designed to correct misalignment of the foot and provide a firm support to high arched feet and reduce arch pain and the risk of injury.
High arch insoles also prevent the foot from in-rolling, or over-pronating, which is a major cause of long term damage to the feet.
High arch insoles are suitable for running shoes, traditional walking boots, golf, combat and safety boots. Especially designed for high arches, these Sidas 3Feet Everyday Insoles are made to be the ideal anatomical shape for those with high arches. The Pedag Outdoor Insoles for HIgh Arches are perfect for ensuring that your feet are protected from the stress and impact of differing terrains, uneven surfaces and heavy activity and sports. This particular range is designed to be worn everyday, ideal for work, walking and prolonged periods of standing.

The insoles help stabilize ankles on uneven terrain, and help promote correct natural gait. The Sidas 3Feet Everyday Insoles feature a gel heel pad to cushion against the rigours of walking on concrete.
This particular pair have been designed for people who have high arches  (Medium and Low Arch versions are also available).
The stabilizing heel cup and anatomical arch support make them ideal for stabilizing the feet and ankles especially on rough terrain or uneven ground.To help prevent over-pronation of your foot, Pedag Outdoor Insoles feature a bio-mechanical bridge that promotes a correct natural foot position. The specially adapted shell is made to give correct support to high arches to encourage correct natural gait and dynamic forefoot flex. This surface is skid resistant and provides excellent grip, meaning that your foot does not move around your shoe excessively which can cause blistering.Heat Mouldable for Customised SupportTo ensure that you are getting the best level of comfort and protection from your Outdoor Insoles, you can easily heat-mould them to your foot.

Once you have done this, insert the warm insole into your shoe and walk around for a few minutes — it's as simple as that! You can also trim the edges of the insole if necessary, using the original insole as a template.Know Your FeetSizing of the Pedag Outdoor InsolesAt Shoe Insoles, we offer six different sizes of the Pedag Outdoor Insoles.

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