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Shoe Insoles for Heels: Although they look fabulous, heels are not really great for our feet.

Bunions form when bone grows abnormally at the base of the big toe in the joint between your toe and foot.
Placing too much stress on the big toe or inside of your foot can cause bunions and a host of other problems, including back pain. She may suggest special padding for your shoes or medication to reduce the swelling and pain. Our toes are not meant to be squished together all day, so spreading them out for an hour or so will help prevent foot problems later.
As they develop, they turn the big toe inward toward the smaller toes, and the enlarged joint can become inflamed, red, and painful.

If they pinch your toes or hurt your heels the moment you try the shoes on, you probably shouldn’t buy them. This is probably not the case for most women, but it took A LOT of trial and error to figure these idiosyncratic foot facts.

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