This Arch support insole is a full-length podiatrist-designed orthotic insole for wider and loose-fitting men's and women's footwear. Samurai Orthotic Insoles for flat feet are biomechanically designed to optimize the function of your feet and legs. By incorporating a springy polypropylene orthotic shell within a high-density padded case, the Samurai orthotic insole is able to absorb shock during impact activity, as well as realign the foot joints when necessary. We're SO absolutely sure that Samurai Insoles will help YOU get back to doing more of the things you love, we're offering an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.
Flat feet are a common problem and occur when the medial side (inside) of the foot collapses and touches the ground.
The more pressure you put on poorly functioning feet the more damage you will do, to not only the feet, but also possibly to your legs, knees, hips or lower back. Flat feet can cause pain anywhere in the foot, for example heel pain, plantar fasciitis or arch pain, and can produce tired, sore and aching feet.
Some people however never feel any discomfort in their feet but instead have ankle, knee, hip, leg or lower back pain. It is normal for very young children to look as though they have flat feet because their feet tend to look plumpish. Wear insoles or orthotics in your shoes to stop excessive pronation, support the arch and allow your feet to function in a better way.

You can try over the counter or ready made orthotics first (such as Orthaheel or Superfeet) and then if the pain and discomfort is still a problem then you might need custom made orthotics, orthotics that are specifically made for your feet to an exact prescription.
Over the counter insoles: If you have arch pain, fallen arches, flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, excessive or abnormal pronation, and tired and aching feet Superfeet insoles are a good choice and can help make your feet more comfortable.
Superfeet black DMP orthotics with extra cushioning for hiking boots, workboots and trainers with extra depth around the toes. You might have to slightly trim your insoles so that they fit into your trainers or casual shoes.
They provide a natural form-fitting feel, while controlling the flattening of the foot within the shoe. If, for whatever reason, Samurai Insoles do not satisfy you in any way, or aren't the "best insoles" you've ever tried, simply send them back within 60 days and we'll refund you the full purchase price! You should wear orthotics or insoles to control your foot mechanics and to support your arch.
Treatment will depend on the individual patient but early treatment such as using ice around the tender area, elevating and resting the foot, and orthotics or insoles to support the foot, will considerably help.
Flat feet can lead to many conditions including bunions, corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. If you have flat feet you should opt for a neutral running shoe and then put an orthotic inside the shoe to control the excessive pronation.

It is ideal for people who work on their feet, as well as any sports activity, including running, golf, tennis, etc. If Samurai Insoles are not for you, no worries, we'll cheerfully issue you a refund and stay friends, promise! Constantly stumbling or tripping up, excessive intoeing or outoeing feet, knock knees or pain.
Samurai Insoles were designed to maximize the benefits of an orthotic insole, while adding comfort and versatility, at a fraction of the price.THEY JUST WORK.
When flat feet overpronate, or shoes don't offer adequate support, the tendons and ligaments of the foot can become strained and fatigued. Your body immediately springs into action, trying to compensate for your feet not operating at peak efficiency. This can create a "domino-effect" of pain, radiating from your feet to your knees, hips, or even the low back.

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