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HIgh heel comfort shoe inserts, with added arch support, pamper your feet and walk in style. Canadian choreographer Benoit Lachambre creates a new piece for six of the Cullberg Ballet dancers, with world premiere in Stockholm in March 2013. I turned to books and magazines which give fashion tips for petite women, and one particular book, The Pocket Stylist written by Kendall Farr, helped me understood the aesthetic of my height. However, if you?re height is 5?2″ and you wear shoes with 5 inches heels, the shoes would look disproportioned to your height. Make your high heels feel like heaven, go shopping for hours, work all day or party all night without a twinge of foot pain. The idea for the new work came when Lachambre took part in a contemporary dance project at one of Montreal’s burlesque clubs, and created a solo on high heels for a dancer.
If there is a story in High heels too, it is told by Hahn Rowe's exquisite, sophisticated live-electronica, intimately influencing and being influenced by everything taking place on stage.

Also active as a composer for film and television, Hahn Rowe has created scores for films such as Clean, Shaven by Lodge Kerrigan, Spring Forward by Tom Gilroy, Married in America by Michael Apted and Sing Your Song by Susanne Rostock.
Petites can opt for vertical designed prints and pattern to lengthen their vertical silhouette instead of widening their horizontal line.
If you feel the urge to wear long skirt or a long maxi dress, go for something that hits halfway your shin. Slip these invisible, self-adhesive gel shoe inserts into your shoes to make your high heels more comfortable. Alexandra Bertaut works with defining and shaping spaces and relations between for example identity - individuality, multifaceted - social being. However, I always hated looking too short in photos and that urged my husband, who serves as my photographer, to find angles that make me look taller. They prevent painful rubbing on the balls of your feet, added arch support aids fallen arches and the non-slip design gives a secure grip.Can be used in normal, Everyday shoes, boots or training shoes for extra arch support.

The installation made for Benoit Lachambre in High heels too is directly linked with this process, as well as his most recent films. High heels is hardly a dance blockbuster, but one of the most poetic, thought provoking works I have ever seen with Cullberg Ballet.Narrow, yet not difficult. Benoit Lachambre is part of many different artistic projects, he has participated in films and been awarded several times for his works.

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