The best results are seen when people incorporate them into their daily weight-bearing activities. For first time orders we offer a 10% discount.  Simply type the number 10 into the discount code box at checkout and a 10% discount will be applied. The result is that our foot shape actually changes such that the toes become scrunched together.
Correct Toes are designed to allow you to progressively increase the space between your toes.
However, there is one cycling shoe that we recommend over others as it provide slightly more room than other brands. Instead, the Correct Toes size best suited for your individual toes depends on the width of your feet, the width of your individual toes, and the degree to which your toes are already splayed, or spread. If for any reason you are uncertain about whether you should use Correct Toes, you should consult your holistically-minded healthcare provider. You may experience some soreness at first, as would be expected when muscles are being utilized in a novel way.
Going along with this, it is also vital to utilize shoes that are completely flat, lightweight, flexible, and sufficiently wide in the toe box, so that the foot can function like a barefoot inside the shoe.
Your Correct Toes toe-spacing appliance should not "bunch" between your toes—this would be a sign that your Correct Toes toe spacers are too large.

As always, any changes should be implemented slowly and progressively, so that your body has ample time to adjust.2. The muscles and other tissues of the foot and body are able to adapt and strengthen accordingly.
After a break-in period, this position can be held for a long time, and doing so will benefit the user. Also, Correct Toes are designed and intended for use in footwear, during daily and athletic activities. In a natural foot, the widest part of the foot is at the ends of the toes, not at the ball.
The trick to finding appropriate footwear is to make sure that the shoe is the same shape as your foot. They are bulky, and it would therefore be impossible to use them while standing, walking, or in shoes. Correct Toes are the ONLY product that is specifically designed to be worn in footwear and during weight-bearing activity.
This is essential for attaining the best possible results in making actual changes to the foot and alleviating foot problems.
To help, we have provided shoes at Sole Survivor that are among the best available, and encourage clients always seek shoes that are completely flat, wide in the toe box, and flexible.

They may, initially, help gain a more natural foot position, but they do so artificially and the results are temporary. If your current shoes do not fit comfortably with Correct Toes in them, then a change of shoe is required for your to achieve the benefits of Correct Toes.
It depends on many factors, such as a person’s age, how often Correct Toes are used, level of physical activity, how often appropriate footwear is worn, etc. An easy way to test is to pull out your Shoe liner from the shoe, if possible, and perform the SHOE LINER TEST as demonstrated on the Video below. Just as the negative changes took a long time to develop, so too will positive changes require some time. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the shoe is wide enough in the toe box to incorporate Correct Toes without pinching or rubbing.

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