First thing first, to find out your foot arch shape, walk on a piece of paper or or pavement with wet feet.
If your arch flattens out and pronate heavily (rolls inward on the arch side) when you stride, it is known as pronation.
Your wet-feet test will leave a normal foot shape on the paper, with the whole bottom of the foot showing, except for a scooped-out place where your arch falls. Selecting a running shoe that fits well to your foot shape will give you more comfort and protect your feet from injury.

Plantar warts are caused by the human papilloma virus and usually occur on the bottom of the feet, but can also form on the bottom of the toes or even on the top of the foot. Since the wart is caused by a virus, it is possible for warts to be transmitted from one person to another. Your doctor will apply local anesthesia for cutting and removing the lesion from the tongue. Irritation can also occur due to rough edges of dentures and fillings, smoking, using tobacco and holding pipe for long time.

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