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Plantar warts are growths on the bottom of your foot caused by an infection with human papilloma virus, or HPV. A plantar wart is a small lesion that appears on the sole of the foot and typically resembles a cauliflower, with tiny black petechiae (tiny hemorrhages under the skin) in the center. Plantar warts tend to be painful on application of pressure from either side of the lesion rather than direct pressure, unlike calluses (which tend to be painful on direct pressure instead). Don’t use the same file, pumice stone or nail clipper on your warts as you use on your healthy skin and nails. Plantar warts may infect the bottom of the foot they are caused by a virus which infects the epidermis (the top layer of skin).

Warts are a special interest of ours and we have a very high resolution rate with these if you suffer from this problem we will probably will be able to help. The chemical causes a blister to form around your wart, and the dead tissue sloughs off within a week or so.
Typically, the extract is paired with salicylic acid, applied to the plantar wart and covered with a bandage.
This treatment can result in severe inflammation near the site and damage to the tissues beyond the wart.
Your doctor may inject your warts with interferon, a medication that boosts your immune system’s instinct to reject warts.

Or your doctor may inject your warts with a foreign substance (antigen) that stimulates your immune system.

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