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ICB's Sports Dual Density Orthotics are designed specifically for active patients involved in high performance sporting activities and for general use when the patient requires mire support in the heel and arch.
ICB Orthotics have an intrinsic 5° rearfoot varus (with the exception of the High Heel model) to aid in realigning the rearfoot, in addition to a triangular shaft and midfoot stabiliser to allow weight to be evenly dispersed across the metatarsals.
To achieve a customised orthotic, ICB Orthotics should be heated on the plantar surface only and fitted by the practitioner - this will ensure optimium patient treatment results. ICB Forefoot Wedges can be attached to the orthotic when additional forefoot support is required. ICB Forefoot Additions can be used to treat either a forefoot varus or valgus deformity and are tapered to allow a smooth drop-off on the distal edge, for added comfort.
The image left shows the wedge (in green) and how it would be placed on an existing orthotic.

ICB Orthotic Additions - Forefoot wedge 4 degree (Pack of 10) was successfuly added to your shopping cart. ICB Medial Arch Infills have been designed using a low density EVA to provide extra medial longitudinal arch support, whilst still maintaining the comfort of the orthotic in the rearfoot and forefoot. ICB Metatarsal Domes designed tolift the transverse arch and spread the metatarsals, helping to relieve the symptoms of metatearsalgia, pinched nerves abd neuromas. The Metatarsal dome (shown in red) can be seen in the image to the left when added to an orthotic.
ICB Orthotic Additions - Domes (Large Pack of 10) was successfuly added to your shopping cart. The ICB Sports Dual Density Orthotics are constructed from a combination of firm and medium density EVA.

ICB White orthotics are a soft density EVA that provides mild pronation control and can easily be heat moulded and customised. The best corrective action in the lower limb is achieved when using the Green density orthotic as it achieves maximum control.
It could be place on top or underneath the orthotic depending on if the orthotic is being heat molded to accommodate it.

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