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Plantar warts are caused by the HPV Virus they result in lesions on the feet which may spread and form large areas of warts.
Dr Bastin recently presented a paper at the 17th Annual Dermatology meeting in Xian China, great interest was shown in this technique of Laser Plantar Wart Treatment the results are excellent.
Patient is a 16 year old male who developed one Plantar Wart on his Right Hallux (big toe) he tried over the counter treatments with no luck, he noticed more and more warts developing.
These are typically very difficult to get rid of easily, treatments like freezing often do not work successfully and we will often see the wart returning some months later.

If you suffer Plantar warts and have tried to treat them without success give the clinic a call I am sure we will be able to help you.
We carried out one Laser Plantar Wart Treatment and after 2 months the Plantar Warts were all gone. Dr Greg Bastin has developed a new protocol to treat these with the CoolTouch Cool Breeze Laser. The patient is very happy with Laser Plantar Wart Treatment  and said he felt a little discomfort post treatment for 3-4 days apart from this he had no problems.

We have refined this protocol to the point where we can use just one Laser Plantar Wart Treatment and the plantar wart will be destroyed.

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