Mosaic warts establish satellite plantar warts (a wart around the original wart) and these just get bigger and bigger and eventually coalesce to form a single lesion which can be quite large in size. This warts have a look round and tight formations, which are characterized by a very thickened and horny layer of the skin.
The main cause of warts on the bottom of the foot, in all cases, one is the human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes local hypertrophic growth of the surface layer of the epidermis. From all introduces a variety of options, how to treat plantar warts, best effective method is to use a laser beam. This process is quite fast, efficiently, effectively and painlessly. In any case, how to remove plantar warts You precisely and correctly can say only a doctor-specialist. Most patients tend to ignore the existence of a single plantar wart, they don’t realize that they can spread and literally infect the whole bottom of the foot hence the name plantar warts.
Some are quite painful and patients will often seek advice very early as the pain becomes very annoying to them, fortunately these are often the easiest to treat if they are treated properly. Treatment of these can be very difficult and can be painful for the patient simply due to the large amount of tissue that is involved. But, unfortunately, often take many diseases of the skin of the feet, such as plantar warts, cosmetic defect.

When there is pain, people begin to think about how to remove plantar warts. If the try to disinfect their own national methods, a benign tumor can go into malignant.
For example, you can remove them by using the classical surgical removal of excess surface tissues (it uses a special pointed spoon Volkmann), electrocoagulation, you can also remove the wart with liquid nitrogen, laser and other things.
Further treated place around warts analgesic a local anesthetic (lidocaine, novocaine, and so on), followed by surgery. It is fraught with that you can leave some modified cells at the base of warts, so to say, its root. Other plantar warts cause absolutely no pain whatsoever unfortunately this type of plantar wart is often a mosaic wart.
We have found that freezing with liquid nitrogen is a very in efficient way to treat plantar warts, it is also painful to the patient and often requires multiple treatments (which often don’t work). Surface education usually protrude above the skin surface, at that time, how deep are in the midst of the leather, and in the center there is a small kind of deepening. After a wart removed with a knife or electrocoagulation in its place it is possible scarring.
But surgeons remove a wart on necessary depth and send it to the lab for cytological examination.

These can be the worst wart to have as they spread slowly but surely and because of the lack of pain most patients never bother to have them checked out. We have been dealing with plantar warts for over twenty years and now treat most of them with laser, we find that this causes minimal pain to the patient and results in a very high success rate in resolving plantar warts. Plantar warts can be found on the toes, the surface of the heel, and in other places, who are often subjected to friction, pressure and other mechanical impacts, especially while driving. If cryosurgery liquid nitrogen procedure is performed several times, and the place warts can form a thermal burn, which can start to fester. The result of this study is determined was the process of formation of warts are benign or malignant. One does not disinfected thoroughly warts in the surrounding tissues can quickly receive other warts, which ultimately complicates treatment.

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