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Corns and calluses are common conditions of the feet that can be found in people of all ages, health, and activity levels. Aside form loss of vision and problems with kidney, another important thing that diabetics should be very careful with is foot neuropathy. Many people get affected by calluses on feet.Unlike edible fungi or mushrooms that live on dead vegetable matter, the fungi and yeast that infect the feet are specialized dermatophytes, meaning that they only feed on keratinized tissue such as hair, skin and nails. Fungal infection in the foot can be confined to the nails and may then spread to the skin, or the other way round, starting on the skin and then infecting the nails.

Remember that pressure or friction is the cause of callous.For example, if you have a callus on the bottom of your foot, you need to protect it by not going barefoot, by wearing shoes that are more gentle on your feet or even by picking up some callus cushions The goal here is to make sure that it doesn't get any worse and to give it a chance to soften. This can be done by using a salicylic acid based callus remover You regularly apply this stuff and it slowly but surely peels away the layers of hardened skin.
Once you are free from calluses a few small changes may be all that is required to make sure that they are gone for good. If one of the metatarsals is too low, an orthotic cutout can equalize pressure on the ball of the foot.

Because the thickness of the callus causes pressure, reducing the overgrown tissue by soaking the feet in warm water and filing down the callus with a pumice stone to smooth down the thick tissue may be helpful.
In severe cases, podiatrists may use a device called a sterile surgical blade to remove the outer layers of thickened skin.

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