If you're a dancer, athlete or just breaking in a new pair of shoes you know that blister can add pain and discomfort long after they're formed.
How prevent heel lift mountaineering boots section, If ’ renting mountaineering boots time ’ve bought pair, tips avoiding blisters foot top. By keeping a blister sterile and away from further friction you can get your blister to heal quickly. Treating a blister that has popped is a matter of providing comfort and preventing infection while the blister heals. Blisters are painful and irritating, but many can be treated at home by following these simple steps.

You Will Need * Soap and water * Iodine or rubbing alcohol * Cotton swabs * Needle * Sterile gauze * Antibiotic ointment * Bandage * Sterile tape * Donut-shaped moleskin pad (optional) Step 1: Wash hands Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching blisters so they don't become infected. Step 2: Disinfect blister Disinfect the blister by swabbing it gently with rubbing alcohol or iodine.
Some blisters pop on their own, but if you have a large blister, or if it's in an uncomfortable spot, break and drain it to release the pressure.
Step 4: Break blister Break the blister by poking a small hole near its edge with the sterilized needle. Step 5: Wash blister Wash the blister with soap and water and pat it dry with sterile gauze.

Step 7: Apply ointment Apply antibiotic ointment to the popped blister, and cover it with a loose bandage or gauze. Do not allow tape to touch the blister and do not tape too tightly, as that could cut off blood supply. The clear liquid in blisters is the clear part of the blood, called serum, which co Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

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