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Toenails: First step, make sure your toenails are trimmed, especially for any hikes that involves long descents. Don’t go out on a long hike without taking the time to toughen up your feet by doing walks or short hikes. This entry was posted in Clothing, medical, survival, Uncategorized and tagged blister, feet, Howard, socks. CALLUSES AND CORNS — Calluses and corns (clavi) are among the most frequent skin conditions and, by virtue of their location on the feet, may be the source of considerable disability, discomfort, and pain.
Calluses are a diffuse thickening of the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, in response to repeated friction or pressure (picture 2).

Corns develop similarly, but differ by having a central "core'' that is hyperkeratotic and often painful.
These lesions are typically located on the plantar aspect of prominent metatarsals, between toe clefts, or on the dorsal aspect of toe joints. Calluses and corns may go away by themselves eventually, once the irritation is consistently avoided.
Bunions involve boney prominences and repositioning of the joints at the base of the big toes. Corns typically occur at pressure points secondary to ill-fitting shoes, an underlying bony spur, or an abnormal gait.

This preparation may be useful for callous or corn formation that is too large for plaster use, but it is not useful for warts. The information is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional.

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