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At our medical office in Beverly Hills, permanent removal of corns is among the hundreds of successful procedures that we perform every year. Corns and calluses are caused by having too much pressure on the foot, often in combination with friction.
Remedies such as corn paint, cure, or plasters generally only treat the symptom and not what causes it. Do NOT attempt to remove a wart yourself by burning, cutting, tearing, picking, or any other method.

They can occur on any part of the foot and vary in symptoms from a mild callus under the foot, to an infected ulcer under the corn. A callus generally refers to a more diffuse, or spread out, thickening of the skin while a corn thickens in a specific area. Both calluses and corns are more common on the toes, but calluses can also occur under the ball of the foot.
You may even be wondering if you can treat a corn on your own, or if it might simply go away after a while.

In our practice, we meet many patients for whom the use of "corn pads" has resulted in discoloration of the affected skin, uglier corns, or even acid burns.
Ravaei and his medical staff, we now offer multiple locations, including some in the Inland Empire, for permanent removal of corns.

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