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A callus is a thick layer of the skin usually formed on the toes when the skin layer is subjected to repeated pressure. A callus is characterized by the thickened skin or roughening of the outer layer of the skin. The major reason for getting calluses in your toes or fingers is wearing ill fitting shoes.
Some people whose job demands working with hand tools throughout the day like carpenter and gardener can get calluses on their palms and fingers since the area of the skin is under constant pressure. Your doctor would gradually trim the callus using a scalpel gently for reducing the discomfort or pain. In case if the foot’s shape has been badly damaged due to callus, then surgery is done for correcting the bone alignment.

Soaking the feet in lukewarm water for 10-20 minutes daily will provide good flexibility of the skin and reduce the thickening gradually. Corns and calluses can be prevented by keeping the toes in good condition and by wearing proper well fitting shoes. When the outer skin layer is subjected to repeated pressure it gets thick and develops into a callus.
You can adopt many preventive methods to keep your feet healthy and protected for a lifetime. Ask for assistance if you cannot observe each and every part of the feet on your own. If you find anything unusual, report it to your doctor for prompt medical intervention. Simple safeguards can be implemented regularly to care for feet, preventing problems and complications.

In case you are diabetic, then having a callus may increase the complication and hence you need to take treatment. Callus is seen generally on the soles of the feet under the heels and sometimes on your palms or fingers.
Go for regular foot examinations which include checking of the skin, feet temperature and sensation to the foot.

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