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Blisters on feet are a common problem caused by friction from shoes or clothing which rubs repeatedly on the skin. Follow these steps to prevent a blister, if it’s too late maybe these treatment steps will help. When you tie your running shoes, you normally cross your laces across the shoe to tie them.
No matter how well your shoes fit, the key to preventing blisters is to tighten your laces enough so your shoes move with your feet and don’t rub. This technique requires you to use that extra lace hole at the top of your running shoes that’s set slightly to the side.
The faster you run with your hot sweaty socks rubbing against your feet, the bigger and more painful that blister will become. The body responds to the friction by producing fluid, which builds up beneath the part of the skin being rubbed, causing pressure and pain.

Sometimes it takes a couple of runs for your feet to adjust to a new pair of running shoes.
If you can carry a little blister first aid kit on your runs, it could lower the chances of you getting a bad blister. While this closes the gap and keeps your shoes from falling off your feet, it doesn’t mean it prevents blisters that can keep you from running for weeks.
Since the shoe is tight, you don’t have any up and down movement that can cause blisters that can set you back repeatedly. The way you tie your shoes can change the outcome of the run, leaving your shoes tight and your feet blister free. Most blisters don’t pose a serious health risk, although they should be treated with caution.

If you have a little repair kit on you,then you can attend to the blister before it gets worse.
I know I have and it would really irritate me and cause me to stop running all because of a tiny little bubble on my foot. A painful blister can definitely hurt a runner’s performance, but more importantly, a blister can also get infected. Carry some Vaseline, a piece of moleskin, gauze, sanitizer, and tape, and when you see the area red, you know a blister is on its way.

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