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How to remove warts with apple cider vinegar,painless bunions,treatment for plantar warts after freezing - Step 1

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This entry was posted in My Blog and tagged apple cider vinegar, home remedy mole removal, mole, mole removal, natural mole removal. Thank you for your interest in my article and I am still happy with the results of my apple cider vinegar experiment. For the best result you should apply the cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar every night during one week. Hi Joan, I found different remedies for mole removal on different websites and I just tried the easiest and fastest method. We started to chat and she told me that she once had a customer who told her that she removed a very big mole in her face through a banana peel treatment.
This may be done by completely saturating a cotton ball with some apple cider vinegar and placing it over the mole with the help of a bandage.
After 10 days my mole was dark and started getting flaky so I stopped applying the apple cider vinegar and waited until the mole completely flaked off, which happened after another 3 days. I just did the research and all resources suggested to use the apple cider vinegar, so I didn’t think about using regular vinegar.

I have been googling the acv mole removal method & am going to start tomorrow but I am just concerned it may grow back.
I just wanted to see if it really worked and because it did, I wanted to share it with everyone who wants to hear. I laughed at first but as soon as I came home I started doing some research on natural home remedies for mole removal and I found out that there are several remedies. It is advisable to protect the skin around the mole with some petroleum jelly so as to ensure that the apple cider vinegar will affect just the mole. I didn’t use the apple cider vinegar for anything else than my mole but it was a good investment ! Make sure that you apply enough vinegar on a cotton pad or on a kleenex and attach it to your skin with a bandage.
The dermatologist was very professional, she made me feel more comfortable and in a couple of minutes my moles were removed. I was so excited about this discovery that I decided to start the next morning with the apple cider vinegar treatment against a big mole on my neck (see picture below).

The problem with me is that I can stand a lot of pain but seeing or thinking about certain things makes me feel dizzy and nauseous. You will notice that the vinegar will sting but it is a good sign, it means that it is attacking the mole. My moles stayed steady until I turned 32… Four of them felt bigger and started to become irritating, interfering with my clothes. I was very happy with the result but the thought of having the other 3 pieces removed never crossed my mind again. Luckily all my moles were still harmless and the doctor told me that she could easily remove the moles that were irritating me.

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