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How to remove planters warts with apple cider vinegar,dr foot pro insoles 3/4,callus in foot,orthotics toe pain - Step 2

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You just take a cotton ball (or part of a cotton ball just big enough to cover the wart, not too big), saturate with apple cider vinegar, put it over the wart, and cover with a bandaid.
You can tell it's working when the wart starts to get little black dots in the center; that means it's killing the virus. Rowan had a huge wart on the underside of his toe, and even though it was a pain to treat (try keeping a cottonball taped to a three-year-old's toe in the middle of summer) the vinegar took care of it.

Once the virus is dead, the wart will turn white and eventually slough off, usually in the bath or something. I knew that apple cider vinegar was good for lots of things, but the wart cure really surprised me.
Make sure you use a que-tip and cover the surrounding skin with vaseline because the vinegar will irritate healthy skin.

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