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Foot calluses, which are caused by friction or pressure on the bottom or sides of the feet, are thick, tough layers of skin.
Most people can treat their calluses at home, starting by soaking the feet in warm, soapy water. When you try to treat calluses yourself and continue to feel unacceptable pain or develop an infection, make an appointment to see a medical professional.
Calluses on the feet can be more serious for diabetics because of poor circulation to the feet. Intersting -- I never knew that you could actually have to have surgery as a foot callus treatment. The patches of tough skin usually form on the ball or heel of the foot, where the most weight is placed.
After soaking, you can use a foot shaver on the foot, scrub the feet with a pumice stone, or rub them with a wash cloth to help reduce the calluses. He or she may cut back the foot calluses with a scalpel or prescribe an antibiotic ointment.

Not only can calluses develop more quickly for diabetics than those who do not have diabetes, they can ulcerate, becoming open sores. As we get older, the padding on the bottoms of our feet become thinner, causing calluses to develop more easily. Feet will then develop calluses as a reaction to the heat and pressure involved in walking. For example, if a person who has foot calluses because of poorly fitted shoes starts wearing ones that fit better, the calluses will start to disappear. Regardless of what you use, applying moisturizers will help the calluses to be soft and pliable. Many healthcare professionals suggest using patches that include 40% salicylic acid, or they may suggest patients wear shoe inserts to reduce pressure and friction on the foot.
Apparently it's a cream with some kind of exfoliant ingredient that you apply on the callus overnight. I didn't even realize when or how they formed, but one day I just couldn't walk from the pain.

In some cases, such as when the calluses are unusually painful or infected, it's best to have a professional deal with calluses on the feet. You can also purchase over-the-counter pads to use when wearing shoes to reduce your calluses. It's supposed to soften the dead skin and remove it. It might be worth a try if nothing else is working. Calluses may not be as painful or unsightly as their good friends, corns, but they are just as rough and tough. I also did foot soaks daily with Epsom salt and I applied a topical analgesic ointment on the calluses to relieve the pain. They went away on their own in about two weeks. I do not wear very flat sandals ever since and I have not had any new calluses.

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