Corns are nothing but protective responses of your skin due to either pressure or friction over toes feet.
While corns and calluses are there to help protect your damage-prone areas, their existence is not really welcome. If you are suffering from corns on your toes feet, there easy effective ways to remove corns. Not really the plantation corns : over toes can be a highly irritating and painful situation for anyone. They cause aggravation and sometimes pain, so you may want to remove them as quickly as possible.

When done correctly you will notice that at least three corns will be removed along with the roots.
If you see that there is a hard, thick, and dry skin that appears yellowish or grayish, you have a corn.
You don’t need to use commercially available products to treat them because here is one remedy that has been proven to remove corns and calluses. It can appear on your hands and feet, but mostly found on the feet especially if you walk most of the time.
Sometimes, there are corns that are quite sensitive to the touch when compared to the surrounding skin.

The soft corn appears as if it is an open sore, while a hard corn is thick and firm with a yellow ring and a grayish center.

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