August 15, 2014 by admin Thickness of surface layer of feet skin can be best described as calluses on feet and it is very common problem with men and women. Now the question arises how vinegar can be used to remove calluses on feet and what can be proper method of using this home ingredient to cure feet problems.
This would be such an amazing treatment for removing calluses on feet if you keep it doing on daily basis for several weeks.
However, you must change your behavior of wearing shoes especially when you are going outside. Reasons having calluses on feet include wearing too tight, too short, too big, sloppy shoes, walking barefoot etc.

We can say that continuous pressure, pinching or rubbing can cause calluses on feet and this becomes painful and irritating when not cured properly. Vinegar is excellent home remedy among many of medical products drugs that are used for feet care and removing calluses.
Proper cleaning and moisturizing of feet on daily basis can also help you avoid having calluses on feet.
Vinegar is found to be very effective in removing calluses on feet if used in a proper and regular way.
It works in both ways to take good care of your feet and makes you get rid of calluses on feet.

So you don’t need to go to have expensive drugs and medicines to cure this regular and common problem as this can be well cured using vinegar foot soak treatment.

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