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Mosaic Warts can be both painful and inconvenient, while most other types of warts are relatively painless and rarely cause more than a little bit of irritation.
In fact – many people will simply ignore common warts unless they are in an area where they are unsightly. Most people will never even know you have them, but you will know, and if you are on your feet all day, these warts can make your life miserable. The biggest problem with these warts is not how they look since they are on the bottoms of your feet, but how they make your poor tired feet feel.
Unlike common warts, these warts do not protrude far from the skin, as much as sit within callouses on your feet, but the thickening of the skin is quite painful, particularly for those that spend a lot of time on their feet. Dry cracked feet make the perfect entry for the virus to enter, as do the nicks and cuts we all get on our feet that we never even notice. Often times mosaic warts will go away without treatment, but most people will seek treatment long before that happens since having this type of warts can be quite painful, particularly if you spend long periods of time on your feet.
Traditional treatments for mosaic warts include cryotherapy and surgery, however this can be very problematic for someone who is on their feet all of the time.
In the meantime you may find walking painful after treatments, or may even need to take time off of work, depending on the size of your mosaic warts, which can often be quite large in diameter.
Even more concerning is that surgery can leave scars that are just as painful as the warts were, and there has been an even higher rate of re-occurrence of mosaic warts within the scar tissue left behind. Fortunately, with patience, you can treat your mosaic warts at home, with natural remedies that do not scar or cause other complications.
There is no recovery time, no risk of infection and best of all, when the warts go away naturally, they rarely ever come back.

Home remedies often are much more effective at eliminating mosaic warts that conventional treatments and they do so without all of the pain that invasive treatments such as surgery, lasers and freezing can cause.
H-Warts is made entirely from pure essential oils that have been selected for their combined ability to destroy warts, even in highly sensitive places. There are many letters from H-Warts customers, which report very positive outcomes and also detail how their warts have melted away without scars. Tags: how do you get rid of mosaic warts, how to get rid of mosaic warts, how to remove mosaic warts, mosaic verucas, mosaic wart removal, multiple warts, remove mosaic warts, several warts. Dr Greg Bastin of Brighton Podidatry specialises in the treatment of Plantar Warts we use all sorts of methots to treat them depending on the type of wart a patient has, we can do surgery on some or even use the latest form of treatment that Dr Bastin has developed and that is the use of Laser to destroy warts. Plantar warts are noncancerous skin growths on the soles of your feet caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which enters your body through tiny cuts and breaks in your skin.
Cantharidin Doctors and healers have used cantharidin — a substance extracted from the blister beetle — to treat warts for centuries. Sometimes called plantar warts when there is just one of them, Mosaic warts are groups of warts fit closely together.
It is rare that one treatment will make the warts go away, and quite frequently the warts will return even after several treatments.
Their are 2 main types of Planter Warts they are singular warts and multiple or mosaic warts. It is really important to seek advice early, we see far too many patients that have let them spread to the point that treatment becomes very difficult and often more painful than it needs to be. If you have problems with Plantar warts be they a simple single plantar wart of a more complex wart which may have been treated before with no success give us a call I am sure we will be able to help.

Plantar warts often develop beneath pressure points in your feet, such as the heels or balls of your feet.
Some success for removing painful plantar warts has been reported by the repeated and extended applications of salicylic acid. Hyperthermic treatment of plantar is very simple and all you need is warm water and a small tube to soak your feet in. Mosaic warts tend to spread very aggressivly and over time they can occupy large areas of the foot making them difficult to treat.
They apply the liquid nitrogen directly onto the plantar wart using a spray-tip or cotton-tip applicator.
The acid, available in drug stores, works by softening the callus over the wart, exposing the virus. Singular warts on the other hand are singular lesions hovever thet also are inclined to spread forming satelite warts in close proximity to the initial point of infection, these warts are often more painful than mosaic warts.
The application is painless, but it causes the skin under the wart to blister, lifting the wart off the skin. For children, this method can be too painful and scary, and at any rate, it guarantees neither more nor less success than duct tape or acid treatments.
However, some doctors are hesitant to use cantharidin because it’s not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of warts.

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