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Rub the juice of raw papayas onto the affected area or soak your feet in the juice for a few minutes. It is very common for people to get affected by summer acne due to the scorching sun and excessive heat in the summer months. If you are wearing shoes that are big or small for you; if they are too tight at the toes, or the inside stitching of the shoes rub against your foot there is a possibility that you will end up with calluses on your feet.
The juice of the lemon is known to cure the pain and it helps to get rid of the dark marks that the calluses leave behind.
The potatoes have a cooling effect on your skin and they help to ease any discomfort that you may be in. Hence, one of the best ways to get rid of these skin lumps is to avoid the situation which causes friction.

The salt will help to reduce the burning sensation in your skin and gets rid of the redness on your feet.
All you need to do is to keep these pads in your shoes to provide proper cushioning to your feet. They harden most part of your legs and hence make it difficult to wear shoes during the day. Aspirin and lemon juice mixed corn removing compound – Aspirin is one of the most common sources of salicylic acid. To make your own mix of callus removing compound, you need to crush five aspirins and add half tea spoon of lemon juice and same amount of water to it. Epsom salt for treatment- Epsom salt treatment is another effective home remedy that is commonly used to avoid callus on feet.

You can use an electronic pedicure tub to make the best use of Epsom salt in removal of hardened and dead skin from your feet. Use readymade corn cap – Nowadays, a number of readymade medicated bandages are available which are very effective in quick treatment of corns.

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