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Drinking 8-10 glasses of water minimum everyday will not only help you get freedom from smelly feet but also any kind of body odor. Anti-bacterial soaps should be used to wash the feet and other sensitive areas where there are more chances of bacteria accumulation causing odor. Green tea and herbal tea is again one of those drinks that if consumed not only detoxifies the body but its anti-bacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants also helps in killing the bacteria from the feet.
Make sure you not only wash the feet thoroughly but also pat dry them with a clean towel to leave behind no moisture that might develop the fungus again. It is always suggested that you wear nylon or synthetic materials which have the tendency to draw the moisture from the feet and keep it dry. In work place or in front of our guest when our feet start to emit odor we become embarrassed and confused and often get puzzled about that.

The reason associated with stinking feet is the accumulation of bacteria in the area due to sweat and moisture. To broaden your horizons about the recent and the most effective solutions to smelly feet, here is a simple health guide for your advantage. Neem water is a good astringent and it controls the perspiration of feet which is one of the main causes of smelly feet. The bacteria transform the dirt and sweat into acids and that is what stinks and make the feet smelly. Although sweat itself does not stink but when it meets some certain kinds of bacteria, a bad smell occurs. Therefore, before letting the odor scare all your friends away or shut down your entire relationships, you should try to find some natural home remedies to cure your smelly feet.

If this is what you have to face with and you are constantly worrying about your smelly feet, please keep reading. In this article of ways to cure smelly feet and shoes naturally & fast at home, you are going to discover some natural and effective remedies in order to cure smelly feet at home.

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