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In addition to the odor the sweating of the feet brings more trouble – there is a skin maceration between toes. First of all it is necessary to reduce sweating and suppress the growth of bacteria on the feet.
Among other traditional methods of struggle against the smelly feet you can use a powder that absorbs smells.
To prevent excessive sweating you need to change tights and socks daily, wash your feet with soap and water. Also it is recommended to wash your feet with pale pink solution of manganese-acid potassium, which helps to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat. Twice a day, wash your feet and wipe them well, wrap your toes with fresh birch leaves or straw from barley, oats or quack grass.
According to American Podiatric Medical Association, excessive sweating of the feet seems to be an inherited problem. It make me sad to hear people dissing their feet and its unfair that feet get such a bum wrap.
3) If your feet tend to smell after even just a casual day of minimal activity, you can use a natural deodorant for your feet called Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant.
With just a little love and extra effort in the form of regular care, you can keep your feet odorless and your shoes smelling fresh. As obvious as it may sound, washing your feet can’t be reiterated enough if you want to get rid of foot odor.

Apply a scented or unscented hand sanitizer to your feet in order to suppress the proliferation of foot bacteria that cause smelly feet. To fight off your embarrassing stinky feet issues, mix 50% vinegar with 50% rubbing alcohol (also called isopropyl alcohol). Talcum powder is an astringent, so it will help dry out your feet and reduce the sweating that causes foot odor. Similar to applying it on your feet, drizzling some baking soda in your shoes and socks can help treat foot odor and get rid of your stinky feet problems.
Tea contains tannic acid, which helps dry out your skin.  Soaking your feet in black tea for half an hour can help combat foot odor by drying out the sweat glands.
Last but not least, similar to baking soda, dropping baby powder in your shoes can help fight off smelly feet. Cotton socks should be changed several times a day, it will help to keep your feet dry, and washing your feet with antibacterial soap will help to remove bacteria. If it is applied to the feet before going to bed, it strongly inhibits bacterial growth and reduces perspiration. You can spray this on your feet every morning and evening and use it to spray the inside of your shoes after using. Non-absorbent socks such as nylon socks trap sweat around your foot, causing smelly feet in the long run. Bacterias that cause stinky feet thrive in a humid environment, so removing the shoes regularly can help prevent the formation of foot odor.

Check out the video at the bottom of this article for more details on how to prepare your tea bath for your feet. Their feet emit a repulsive odor that permeates their shoes, clothes, and all the surroundings, leading to a particular social isolation.
However, excessive sweating may cause accelerated bacterial growth, which will strongly degrade tissue particles on the skin surface.
Therefore, applying a little antiperspirant to your feet can go a long way in reducing your smelly feet problems. Applying baking soda to your feet will help create this alkaline environment necessary to suppress foot odor. However, iontophoresis is not for beginners, because without careful and skillful handling this method can cause burns to the skin. Your feet can sweat too, so wear socks that wick moisture away from them (merino wool and polypro are good choices).
It is aggravated by physical activity and high ambient temperatures, however, this may also be the result of emotions such as love, fear or stress.

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