December 27, 2013 by Ellora 9 Comments One of my biggest problems with winter weather is that it wreaks havoc on my skin. I made a big batch of this lotion and ended up giving it as gifts this holiday season paired with some homemade moisturizing soap.
My mom’s hands had dramatically improved in just one day of using this lotion as well!
Try applying it to your feet for dry cracked heels and then wear socks to hold in the moisture.
Using all natural goodies it’s possible to smother the skin, including inside the cracks with goodness that will help to strengthen, moisturise and heal the skin. So there you have it, healing cracked hands, and feet for that matter, can be achieved with some tender loving care and a little help from Mother Nature all found in a pot of hand cream from SkinnyDip. This entry was posted in Butter Fingers hand cream, Cracked, chapped hands and fingers, Miracle Balm, Skincare tips for Hands and tagged barrier cream, Beeswax cream, Beeswax hand cream, Chapped hands and fingers, Cracked Hands, Dry hands and fingers, Itchy dry hands, Splitting fingers, very dry cracked skin.
The dryness not only leads to peeling skin in the hands but also affects the beauty and look of a person. To avoid such a situation, it is best to treat the problems of dry hands as soon as possible. Take some extra virgin olive oil in a bowl of warm water and dip the hands in them for the next 10-15 minutes. Now dry the hands with a clean cloth until it is left damp and follow it with the application of a good quality and natural moisturizing lotion to ensure best results.
One of the easiest ways to get rid of dry hands is to cover is with a coat of petroleum jelly before going off to sleep at night.
Another of the home cures that can easily treat the dryness of the hands is to first coat the hands with petroleum jelly and then give them steam from hot water. Massage some almond oil on the dry hands till the time some of it gets absorbed by the skin. The ancient and natural way of curing dry hands and cracked hands is soaking the hands in warm water for 20 to 15 minutes. Another easy way of curing dry hands and cracked hands is applying a thin layer of glue on the affected part of the hand. About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care.

I end up keeping a small bottle of lotion on me at all times and no matter how much I use I inevitably still end up with dry, itchy skin. I'm Ellora, a mom, an avid DIY'er and crafty chick, and a party planner wannabe with a slight addiction to lattes and sweet tea!
As the temperatures drop our skin dries out, making it more likely for skin to crack, ouch! Herein, dry hands is quite a common terms that is used especially in the chilly seasons and countries. For the very same, one should use home remedies that are 100 percent safe and reasonable on the pocket. This can be done by filling hot water in the bathroom sink and using the steam to your benefits by placing the hands above the water.
This should be rubbed gently on both the hands and left for a while before rinsing off. This is one remedy that also helps in the treatment of burns.
Herein, wet the hands with water and shake off the excess liquid. Now take some raw and organic honey and rub it on the hands.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Hold the super glow together with the cracked skin to keep them out of bacteria and germs in the inner skin. No matter how much lotion or eucerin that I used on her little hands, nothing seemed to help much. I’ve even used it as a facial moisturizer this winter and was pretty impressed with how much smoother my skin is! Thankfully there are ways of healing the cracks up nicely, and there is no need to head to the Doctors for mineral oil enriched creams. The hands will be softened by the warm water and the hands will be rehydrated by the warm water.
A very important thing to be kept in mind is, not to apply the glue on the cracked skin that lacerated deeply or has damaged the tissue. I came up with this 4 ingredient homemade lotion that has finally cured her dry hands and has even made a huge difference for my mom who also suffers from severely chapped, dry, and cracked skin.

Take the hands from the warm water after 15 minutes and gently dab the hands in a soft cloth.
After you have applied the glue over the skin, prick some capsules of vitamin- E using a needle, and gently apply them on the dry hands.
Even those with cracked dry skin will see a huge difference with just a few applications of this homemade lotion recipe.
She is also a nurse, so frequent handwashing is a must which also wreaks havoc on already dry, sensitive skin. Wear a pair of gloves after the vitamin- E has been applied for keeping the oil in the hands enough to absorb the vitamin- E. It creates a water resistant barrier so even when you wash your hands, it’s still hard at work. Another way of healing cracked hands is by applying the juice of aloe vera plant on the affected area.
It’s easy to make, only takes a few minutes to whip up, and perfect for even sensitive skin types. It does not mean than dry hand and cracked hands will happen only during the winter season or any cold season.
To protect the petroleum jelly from peeling off from your hands, use a pair of soft and clean gloves or apply cotton over the hands. Dry hands and cracked hands will happen especially to people who are using harsh soap for laundry purposes and it will also affect people who does not use gloves while they are working or gripping with tools and it will also happen while pressing the hands much on gripping objects. But do not use wool for protecting because wool will cause itching and it further causes some irritation.

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