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Toe repair - corn removal treatment - youtube, Corn removal, hammertoe correction, and toe shortening with no down time! Callus - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A corn (or clavus, plural clavi) is a specially shaped callus of dead skin that usually occurs on thin or glabrous (hairless and smooth) skin surfaces, especially on. Put your foot in hot water to soften the corn; then, by using a pumice stone or a skin file, rub the corn gently. For soft corns (corns that are between your toes), use an emery board , as the space between two toes is so small that pumice stone can’t be used there. Sprinkling cornstarch between your toes can help in keeping the area dry and will protect the skin from decaying. Salicylic acid could also be used for softening of corns, and after the softening, pumice stone could be used to rub away the corn. Use moleskin as a protective cushion to keep the foot and toes in a more comfortable position.

Persons suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes, or other circulatory diseases should never treat a corn themselves, due to high risk of infection. The cushioning PE foam ring provides immediate relief of the pressure on the corn, and thus immediate pain relief. There are many ways to cure this condition, but natural cures are always suggested to cure such kind of problem as they are mostly affected from outside of the skin.
Moisture can make can promote fungal infections and could support corns. Vinegar can also give a same effect. However, some doctors are of the opinion that using salicylic acid could damage surrounding skin and thus should not be used for softening purpose. The plaster contains 40% Salicylic acid localized and targeting the corn area, without affecting the surrounding tissue. It is usually caused by ill-fitting shoes; however, it could also be caused because of inappropriate walking style. However, if you still want to use salicylic acid just make sure that salicylic acid is applied only at corn and not to the surrounding.

This healing process might take some days to fully recover from corns, but this process prevents the chance of a corn recurrence.
Chamomile tea is known to be one of the best remedies to cure the problems related to corns.
Salicylic acid removes corns by loosening the skin and breaking up the skin cells that form the corn. Hence, you can consider using chamomile tea on a regular basis until you are fully recovered from corns.

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