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Corns are nothing but protective responses of your skin due to either pressure or friction over toes feet. Lister corns are found on the inside and outside of the nail bed, typically on the 5th toe. Contributing factors to Lister corns include varus rotation of the 5th toe and tight shoes.
Tubular Foam Toe Bandages cushion and separate toes that rub, reducing pressure and friction.
Gel Toe Protectors are fabric-covered gel caps that protect hammer toes, corns and calluses, crooked toes, ingrown toe nails and diabetic digital lesions.

Made of soft silicone rubber, Gel Toe Sleeves slip over toes to protect them from pressure from shoes and adjacent toes.
If you are suffering from corns on your toes feet, there easy effective ways to remove corns. Not really the plantation corns : over toes can be a highly irritating and painful situation for anyone.
Lister corns are often described by the patient as having a 'second toe nail' on the toe. The bone in the tip of the toe is called the terminal phalanx and is shaped a little like a Mexican sombrero with the tip of the hat pointing to the tip of the toe and the brim of the hat flaring out at the base of the toe nail.

Many of us have toes that roll to the side so that the nail doesn't face up, but rather out to the outside of the foot. Varus rotation of the toe rolls the bone in the tip of the toe so that the brim of the hat is out of the way of the shoe, but now the brim is in direct and constant contact with the floor.

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