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With Compound W® you can get rid of warts quickly and get your skin back to looking and feeling healthy again.
To remove warts safely and effectively, there is a Compound W® product that’s right for you. Each of these products contains the maximum strength formulation for the removal of common and plantar warts. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Prestige Brands and receive email updates about our products. Compound W Plus Wart Remover Liquid easily removes common and plantar warts with a convenient brush applicator.

For estimated delivery dates and product availability in your area, please verify your country and enter your 5-digit US zip code or your international postal code. The most antiseptic of all essential oils, Rocky Mountain Oils' Oregano is the #1 essential oil for removing warts. Whether you prefer to use a gel, liquid or pad, or the freezing method used by doctors, Compound W® is fast-acting, safe and proven to work at getting rid of warts.
It contains salicylic acid to painlessly remove virus-infected skin safely and effectively. Using the same treatment method that doctors use on their patients, Freeze Away Wart Remover freezes the wart immediately, causing the treated wart to fall off in as few as 10 days.

Use Freeze Away Wart Remover only if you are sure the skin condition is a common wart or plantar wart. Repeat this procedure once or twice daily as needed (until wart is removed) for up to 12 weeks. If you treat a skin condition as a wart with Freeze Away and it is not a wart, you delay proper treatment.

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