Plantar warts are skin lesions on the foot caused by a virus entering the blood stream via small cracks or cuts in the skin. One of the tried and true home remedies for plantar warts is applying simple duct tape to the wart area for about a week to two weeks.
One theory on removing plantar warts that emerges from time to time is that placing the foot in freezing cold water for 10-15 minutes may kill the virus and make the wart pliable enough to be scraped off with pumice.
Since plantar warts are viral, they can easily spread on your feet and should be treated early. I tried most everything (banana, epsom salts, vinegar, duct table, potato, and who knows what else. This stuff on a cotton swab seems to be helping my son's warts go away as well (not plantars), but this did not work for my husband.
Coincidentally, I had hypnosis for other reasons about the same time, but I do think it was the mixture (though some swear hypnosis healed their warts).
I had three plantar warts show up on my feet at once, two on one foot in between two toes and one on the ball of the other foot. Finally, I went to a different podiatrist and he put me on Formaldehyde 10 percent in a roller.
This is what I did: Twice daily, I would scrape the warts with a nail file or even with a box cutter to cut off any dead skin so the vinegar could really soak in. Later that night when she had a bath, I noticed that the very center of the wart had a little black dot. I'm mechelle and a month ago, i found out that the painful thing in my heel is a plantar wart, so i researched about at home remedies and read about the nail polish thing. I've been applying nail polish to my very deep-set plantar wart, making sure it's never uncovered, and it's starting to wither.
Put a few drops of tea tree oil on the wart at night for several nights (maybe a week or more, at the most, I'd think).

I have mosiac plantar warts underneath my pinky toe, on my pinky toe, and a small one on my heel.
If you plan to have the warts remove by surgery, these videos might give a little bit of ideas how the surgery are going to be done. In this last video, Dave the couch guy tell us about his experiences dealing with plantar warts. Basically, the videos shown above might give you some ideas about the procedure for Plantar wart removal surgery. Stubborn plantar warts were growing on my foot and standard salicylic acid treatments and freezing weren't solving it.
In the morning, if my foot was too oily to do duct tape, I'd mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and vinegar and rub that in and then rinse and wipe dry, then do the duct tape. It worked great, I searched the internet and never heard anybody talk about this stuff when getting rid of warts and I feel like people should know. I thought they were blisters, so I ignored them for many months because I had never had a wart and didn't know that's what it was. He said I had too many warts (probably 15 on the right foot and 8 on the left) to do the laser treatment or freezing. You can put it straight on the wart covering with a band-aid and also take it in pill form to fight off the virus internally. I tried freezing, duct tape, and even tried bleomycin (incredibly painful) injected by a dermatologist. We tried freezing it with an over the counter wart remover, which was very painful for her and after a week there was no change. The skin surrounding the wart gets inflamed, white and puffy, and it's starting to turn black. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who can first, take some pain, and second, wants their warts gone forever!

It will start to turn black and then gradually fall off, leaving a hole in the skin that will eventually heal over.I did this after a few nights of banana peel on my daughter's large, painful warts.
However, most plantar warts sufferer prefer to give home removal methods a try before considering having a surgery to remove the warts. I only applied it to my right foot warts two times a day because I had no faith in it at all.
Once I searched online and discovered I had plantar warts, I started looking into treatments.
I dried them off then i placed two to three layers of duct tape over the wart and to make sure the tape stayed on i put a sock on my foot. Be aware that some people might find it scary or disgusting to watch these videos, but the videos shown below are really going to help you to understand more about plantar wart removal surgery. In the morning, I'd remove the bandage and put on duct tape (this kept it from spreading and may or may not have helped remove layers as they died). I am thinking of testing out the duct tape theory because so many others like I have said it works!
Two or three weeks later, they where completely gone, and the wart on my left foot disappeared also. 1) Make a paste using a little water and a crushed Zinc tablet, rub it on the wart, and let it dry for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

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