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Depending on whose research you believe, anywhere from 50 to 100 million Americans suffer with Chronic Pain. Think about how many musculoskeletal problems with the ability to cause Chronic Pain are named in such a manner as to imply that their primary cause is inflammation.
According to the old model of tissue injury, the real culprit in most people’s pain and dysfunction is those pesky inflammatory chemicals.

Let us talk first about the problems with taking corticosteroids for problems with the Elastic, Collagen-Based Tissues.Most people who deal with Chronic Pain are well aware of at least some of the dangers associated with taking corticosteroids (cortisone or similar substances). They are also aware that even if corticosteroids help your pain, your doctor will ration the amount that you can receive. This sets you up for the vicious cycle of Chronic Pain, dysfunction, inflammation, prescriptions of NSAID's, and more degeneration.

The very drugs that doctors are giving people to cope with their chronic Deep Somatic Pain (see Part II); suppress the body's natural inflammatory response, which is part of the normal healing process.

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