These insoles are specifically designed for the shape of a high heeled shoe and that is evidenced by the narrow look to the insole.
I have only one pair of high heels left in my closet that I wear semi-regularly and so I tried these insoles in those shoes. Scholl's® DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles are clinically proven to help prevent foot pain from heels 2” or higher - and now they feature a wicking top cloth fabric designed to keep feet dry.
My biggest problem is in the hot weather my feet will tend to sweat and then slide down in the heels (lots of pain). I wore high heels and if any of you wear those as well then you know that comfort in those shoes can be hard to find. There is a nice gel pad on the heel portion of the insole, which keeps your heel comfy and in place.
After walking around in my high heels for a little while, I did notice that my feet were a bit more comfortable.

Scholl's DreamWalk High Heel Insoles can be found at mass drug and retail stores across the country and the price varies depending on where you buy. I usually call my pretty high heels 4" and higher 'two hour heels,' because I can only stand or walk in them for about two hours before my feet are screaming at me to take them off. All the girls were surprised to see me in a heel higher than an inch as I usually prefer comfort to style. These arrived several months back and somehow landed in a pile of "stuff" so I completely missed getting the review done promptly. For my friend's wedding a few months ago she asked us to buy this super cute pair of black, scalloped edge heels. I have a sister who wears super high heels all the time and when I showed her these insoles, she was practically drooling. I would definitely recommend these insoles to any woman out there who is striving to be more comfortable in high heels.

From your sassiest heels to your loveliest flats, tame your shoes and don't sacrifice your personal style for the sake of comfort! I am definitely a high heel veteran but of all the high heels I have ever worn, these made my feet hurt so bad I wanted to take them off after 15 minutes!
Scholl's DreamWalk High Heel Insoles before but I decided I had to do something to try and make these heels better so I though I would give them a try. They were all smiles and reported that they loved the "cool and squishy" gel cushion and adored the fact that they were undetectable even in open toed heels!

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